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An Effective Depression Treatment

Are you suffering from severe depression? Having complications in sleep? Depression is a simple term that began by taking stress. Stress is a result of small tensions of life, in everyone’s life we all have to face some dumps. Depression can be a very severe condition for one person and it can change your life ridiculously. If you are suffering from mood swings like anxiety, apathy or you can’t sleep normal and you also can see the changes in behaviour, weight, cognitive than you shouldn’t ignore it. Because these symptoms are just a start after some time it will be very harmful to you. There are depression treatment centers that can help you throughout the treatment and gives you new life.

Information about TMS treatment:

With the rise of technology in the medical field, there are so many depression treatments that are launched such as Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS). In this article, we will get everything about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It’s the usage and the effects on you. This treatment has great effects on so many conditions. So let’s take a look at TMS quickly!

  • What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS): This depression treatment is using magnetic fields which stimulate the nerve cells which improve depression symptoms. This treatment is done after all the not working treatments of depression. In this treatment, the TMS specialist passes repetitive pulses that are magnetic. Therefore, it is also called rTMS treatment.
  • What is the process of TMS treatment: first of all you will be seated on the chair which should be comfortable. Than your scalp is covered by an electromagnetic coil. This treatment is fully painless. The coil transfers magnetic pulses to your brain for improving mood swings and other issues. Every expert uses some different techniques for this treatment depends upon his efficiency and understanding of the TMS.
  • Preparation of TMS treatment: when you select TMS treatment for you or you’re loved once then the process is started. First, you have to pass some tests of physical and Psychiatric evaluation. So that there is full safety of health during the treatment. If you have some other conditions like you are pregnant, if you have any metal device with you, or if you are taking other medications than letting the TMS specialist know about each and everything about you.
  • More about the procedure of treatment: this TMS treatment is not done only in one session you have to take a series of this treatment. So that it can affect your depression. This session is executed in 4 to 5 days a week. And you have to carry forward it for four and a maximum for six weeks. The first session lasts goes for 60 minutes for 1 hour.
  • How you will feel during treatment: you have to wear earplugs at the time of treatment with the covered head coil. You have to go through with some sounds and a tapping feeling on your head. The full treatment is done in a conscious mind you will be alert at the time of treatment. After or during the treatment you will also feel some discomfort in the scalp.

depression treatment centers offer full safety:

With the availability of technical resources and good experts so many treatment centers providing this. If you really want a good effect on your mind than first make sure yourself about your mind need it or not. After taking tests and perfect research than go for beginning the treatment otherwise it can be harmful to you. Depression not only affects your life but also your family and friends also suffer from it. You can feel the improvement partially or completely. The relief from all the symptoms needs 4 to 5 weeks of continuous sessions.

When you complete the session you have to take some outgoing treatment for a few weeks to make sure that now you are stress-free. And if you suffer from the same symptoms after some days than you have to start again this TMS treatment but the claims are paid by depression treatment insurance company not by you. So feel safe and secure about money.

Hire The Best Roofing Contractor For Installation And Replacement

If you are suffering from a damaged or a broken roof, then you might be considering how to get it done? Having the roof built and repaired from good-quality materials and having it build stably is very important as it is the exterior of your home that saves you from sun and rain. Out of all the crucial home repairs, rood repairing has to be done the right way as the consequences of failed roof repairing are very disastrous.

As the roof repairing is so critical, it cannot be delayed for a long time but if you are not knowledgeable about the basics, then you should try to hire the best roofing contractor in your area to help you with your bid. Though there are some basics that you should be in the know to hire the best contractors.

Roofing types and materials

There are many types of roofing such as metal roofing and wooden roofing and the choice of the materials for roofing depends upon the area you are living in or the type of roofing that you want to be done. You can also mix in a bit of your personal taste when choosing type and materials for roofing. Roof pitch is also responsible for affecting the choice of roofing materials.

The most common residential roofing choices consist of Metal roofing due to its higher resistance to fire, Wood shakes because of their durability, Asphalt composition shingles due to their availability and affordability, Slate roofing because of its attractiveness, Composition slates due to their lightness and resistance to damage, and the Clay tiles due to their classic look. If you are considering roof installation and replacement, you should also keep the cost considerations of hiring the best roofers in mind.

Use of Roofing contractors

A roof is the first line of defense against the many factors that harm your home and as a homeowner, installation or replacement of the roof is also one of the most important and expensive projects that you need to undertake. A trustworthy roofing contractor can help with the installation and replacement of the roof and help you complete the repair processes in the best possible way.

The best roofers also know how to work with most of the materials and help you choose the most attractive and suitable materials for your roof. As the roofers are experts in the field, they can also help you with the maintenance of the roof and offer you tips to maintain your roof for a long time. The best roofing contractor in your area can also help you inspect your roof for any possible problems and suggest the repairs and maintenance that needs to be done.

Roof installation and replacement

Although a stable roof can last for as long as 20 to 50 years, it will need to be replaced to avoid any consequences. Replacing or installing a roof is a huge undertaking and a professional roofer can coordinate with other contractors to replace it in the most optimum manner. The experience of these professionals with the construction work can also save a lot of time for you as these roofers can work on all aspects of installation and replacement efficiently and effectively.

The repairing and maintenance work can also be undertaken by these professionals so be sure to choose a reliable company to hire the roofing contractors so that all this additional work can be undertaken by the experts you are familiar with and have any repair work completed in a cheaper and more efficient manner.

How to hire the best roofing contractor?

It is important to know the basics of roofing before hiring a roofing contractor as the company you are planning to hire depends upon the types of materials you are planning for your roof and your budget. Finding a reliable roofer at the cost-efficient price for the roof installation and replacement and the repairs as well, you can follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • Organize your budget and select the type of materials you want for your roof.
  • Find reputable sources to search for the professional roofers and search the ratings and reviews of the professional roofers in your area.
  • After selecting all the information pertaining to the trusted roofers, talk to at least three reliable and trusted contractors to find out a reasonable price range.
  • You should also search the reputed contractors that you are willing to hire for their credentials, work experience, and license. You can check the credentials and the licenses of the roofer you are planning to hire from the state agencies.
  • You should also search for the references to your chosen contractors and look through their work experience. Remember to hire some with knowledge and expertise on the materials you are planning for your roof.
  • Before signing the contract with a contractor, remember to review the contract that you signing and check the warranty that comes with the new roof deeply. Make the warranty is at least 20 to 40 years long and the workmanship and materials have a 5 years guarantee at the very least.
  • Also, remember to not schedule the roofing job during the rainy season to avoid any safety hazards.
  • After a reliable roofer is hired, you should also ask the contractor for any permit that you would need and recheck the approval before consenting for an insurance claim.


Before your work has even begun, remember to choose a completion date as if the replacement takes a long time, it may even affect your lifestyle. You should also consider the overall cost of the installation or replacement and confirm the budget with your contractor. You should also never pay the entire amount up front and a maximum of 10% good faith deposit should work with most professionals.

When hiring a roofing contractor, every step must be taken carefully because of the dire consequences of failed roof repair. You should also check the documents and agreements that you sign before proceeding.

TMS Treatment

In this ever-growing hassle and hectic schedule of life, most of us are dealing with an unbalanced lifestyle that invites anxiety, irritation, anger, frustration and above all depression to us!  While there are numerous treatments and Natural cure for depression, people still can’t pave a way out of it. Thus, with some fruitful treatments like that of Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) specialists have figured out a simple, fast, useful and efficient way of dealing with the ever-growing harmful effects of depression. It is basically a noninvasive procedure in which magnetic fields are utilized to stimulate nerve cells inside the brain to cover up the symptoms of depression. So, it is generally done when all other solutions and treatments for depression goes on as ineffective.

So, let us first understand a few Natural cures that can work for you!

Being in a depressed state can make you experience a situation where everything appears to be helpless and colorless. Along with the ongoing medications and therapies, there are so many natural things that you need to channelize on your own. Whether it’s a routine, lifestyle, behavior pattern or anything else, all need to be fixed. As already talked about, TMS treatment is something that comes pretty much after you have gone through all the efforts of kicking away depression. Thus, it is always better to move towards natural treatments and solutions that neither consume much of your time nor cost you huge money.

  • Eating healthy and clean– food is the fuel of our body and opting for the right kind, clean and healthy fuel can only let the mechanisms function properly. Depression often makes people overeat or under eat, however, if you can regulate your diet, you can regulate every emotion, complication thought and issues that keep on arising every now and then. Clearly, there is no magic portion dish that you can eat and make depression fly away, but definitely, good food can boost up your positive hormones. Generally, it is said that food items which contain omega-3 fatty acids, as well as folic acid, can help you keep away depression.
  • Exercising and getting enough sleep– when you workout or exercise, it generally boosts up your good feeling chemicals known as endorphins. Also, people who are facing with long term complications of depression can find relaxation in their lives. And exercising doesn’t mean that you have to run a marathon, take supplements and become a bodybuilder. It’s all about taking a healthy walk, jogging and doing some weight training to boost up your body and brain. Another thing attached to exercising and reducing depression is a good sleep. Make necessary changes in your life, fix a schedule of waking up and sleeping, keep mobile phones and TV away from your bedroom, all these things will definitely improve your mental and emotional health.
  • Fixing goals and getting in routine to fulfill them– another effective Natural cure for depression is channelizing all your focus towards your end goals. Encounter with depression disrupts all your thinking mechanics and you keep on focusing just on one depressing topic. However, when you set up short term and long term goals regarding study, job, career and other things, you usually tend to focus on them, living a better and healthy life. Following your goals come the routine that has to be fixed. Studying, eating, working out, and even sleeping has to be done at a specific time period so that you live a healthy, regulated and tension free life.

Now coming to the TMS treatment

In certain cases when all the above-mentioned treatments turn out as useless, Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) comes to the rescue. Generally, repetitive TMS is done when people suffering from depression cannot see significant changes in their mental state with the help of talk therapy, or medications.

How does the treatment work on us?

While the treatment is done, near your forehead against the scalp an electromagnetic coil is put which painlessly transfers magnetic pulse. This pulse then stimulates those nerve cells which are within that region of your brain where the processes of mood and depression control take place. Also, it activates those regions in your brain where the depression activity has got decreased. Well, there are no specific ways that have defined how TMS treatment can actually kill depression, but the simulations supposedly impact upon how your brain functions that ultimately leads to ease in depression conditions and changes your mood towards positivity.

How is the patient prepared before the treatment?

To ensure that every patient gets proper benefits through the treatment, the individual has to undergo a physical examination or possibly few lab tests and similar tests and then has to experience a psychiatric evaluation discussing regarding the depression. All of these evaluations are done to check whether the treatment is actually safe, risk-free and effective for the patient or not. Well, most of the considerations and tests might differ based on the individual and their requirements. Also, various professionals and hospitals have unique ways of dealing with the same, however, these are the most basic things done to completely prepare the patient in the right way.

There are various appointments that have to be done regularly while the treatment begins. So, it is usually carried out for about 5 times a week and it goes for about 4-6 week continuously in a proper cycle. Before the treatment begins, the doctor will figure out the right spot where the magnets can be placed without causing any form of strain. The procedure initially will last about 60 minutes and gradually it will only take 35-40 minutes for the session to get done.

So this was all about Natural cure for depression and its various treatments. If you are also dealing with the critical conditions of depression; then choosing the right professional and getting a TMS treatment done, is the only professional, credible, authentic and useful solution that you have! It directly targets those nerves and cells where depression and negative moods are produced so that the problem can be evaluated and eradicated from the base issue itself.

The A To Z of marketing consulting and growth marketing

Various industries and organizations are growing at a fast rate. And so is the need for talented and deserving manpower for them. The Internet has brought people, from all over the world, under one roof. In this era of digitalization, anyone seeking a career in any organization ought to have a fair knowledge of digital marketing, networking and search engine optimization. Along with a vast of other opportunities, internet marketing consulting is growing tremendously and providing a variety of career opportunities.

The Requirement of Internet Marketing Consulting

  • For any company to function properly, it is very important to keep up with the market trends. And this is exactly the job of a marketing consultant. He keeps the company updated with the trend and pattern that is applicable in the market. They use these studies in improving the market adaptability of the company.
  • They need to take appropriate and measured moves that help in the growth of sales of the company. With everything so advanced, it is very easy to distinguish between genuine and spam. The consultants should have the experience to manage the company in an appropriate manner.
  • Business comes with various circumstances and each circumstance requires a different measure that can bring the company out of that situation. And a marketing consultant should have the knowledge of what measure needs to be taken under a particular circumstance.
  • Internet competition is growing like never before. And in conditions like this, it is very important for internet marketing consulting to have a good idea of its competitors. They should take appropriate steps to outshine their competitors in these conditions and maintain their position on the internet.
  • Apart from all the above-mentioned point, the one point that matters, in the long run, is customer satisfaction and every consulting agent has to have this knowledge of what the customer requires.
  • In the initial stages, it becomes very important for a growth hacking framework to figure out the strategies required to market to the targeted audience. It can be very difficult to generate profits unless the target is well defined. There can be various methods to find out the targeted audience and it depends on the consulting to figure out the best efficient method.
  • It is quite easy to market an already existent brand rather than marketing a completely new brand. To be a successful consultant, you need to do thorough research on the prospects that are available on the internet but are not able to satisfy their customers to that extent. The next step is that you need to work on these prospects and provide that missing factor to the customers. This brings credibility and trust factor among the customers.
  • You should be well aware of the key performance indicators or KPIs. Walking on a path without a goal just does not lead anywhere. The same principle applies to internet marketing as well. As a marketing consulting, you should have a clear vision of your targets.
  • A fair knowledge of online advertising is necessary. Whatever you offer as a marketing consulting needs to reach to the customers. And online advertising is the best method for this. Social media marketing and Search engine optimization go hand in hand with this.

But then, the problem arises when you are running a small business. Internet marketing requires a lot of time and strategy, but your resources and financial condition do not allow you that much. And that is the reason you look upon methods to outsource your growth marketing. And when you decide to outsource your digital marketing, you get enormous benefits. Let us list some of them.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Growth Marketing

  • The key benefit that you get by outsourcing your marketing is consistency. The marketers are people, and people need to a break. But that is not an excuse that you can give to web developers. Once your marketers take a break, your rankings start seeing a downward slope. This is the main thing that is managed by outsourcing. Everything goes on consistently without a break.
  • This method is way affordable than normal marketing which would include may employees and you will need to pay all of them individually. But, when you outsource the marketing, you pay a single salary to the entire team which does the entire job. And in this way, it becomes financially beneficial to you.
  • Getting an outsourced marketing expert helps you get a better idea of your business. You get to know of all the details and in this way; it helps you to run the business more efficiently.
  • You get an assured on return on investment. The focus is mostly on generating leads, and anyway, you have hired an expert, so you are sure of growth in business.
  • The marketing experts spend a lot of time studying the market, therefore they are very productive. They are always on a verge to learn new skills and upgrade the existing ones.
  • The marketing departments are mostly technology driven. So there is always support from the It department that helps your business adapt to the latest technology trends.

Saying all these, it can be said that marketing is a really important part for the growth of any kind of business- be it on a larger spectrum or a smaller one. And there is absolutely no doubt in this. But then, there are various aspects of marketing that needs to be looked on to before arriving at any conclusion. To keep up with the place in this competitive world, it is needed that you let people know about your business and in such a manner that attracts their interest to invest in you. However, the situation is not the same for all businesses. The kind of marketing team that your company needs depends on a lot of factors- financial condition, the company’s market value etcetera to name a few. There are a number of benefits that you can get for your company by hiring a growth consultant, but then, it might not be suitable for some other company. There may be instances where a company prefers outsourcing the marketing over marketing for financial credibility or for a factor of consistency. This can be really helpful at times when you want to have a fair idea of what is going on in the company and at the same time, stay away from many hassles. This can be achieved when you indulge in outsourcing.

In this way, you get the work going on in the most efficient way possible, get an idea of all the happenings in the company in great detail, have all the latest trends and technology involved but at the same time, avoid it to cost a lot because of the teamwork, where you need to pay the entire team instead of paying all of them individually. You keep up with the market trends and in this way, there is an assurity of a guaranteed return on investment and the growth graph of the company always goes on in an upward slope. There is no single marketing strategy that can work best for all companies. You have to figure out what works best for your company and then work accordingly. There can never be a hard bound rule for marketing. Every marketer needs to have a clear long term vision that he wishes the company to achieve and then take the necessary steps to target the required audience. The message should reach the audience in a clear way and that should attract them to the specific company. To survive in this competitive world, nothing can be carried on blindly. All the factors have to be looked upon.

Benefits of Angled Roof vs Flat Roof

Whether you are planning to structure your new home or restructure the existing one, choosing the right kind of roof matters a lot. The precise decision not just gives a desirable shape and appeal to the house, but it is one of the major factors which determines the lifespan and durability of the overall structure. Be it your home or shed, always consider all the alternatives available in front of you provided by any credible roofing company.

Angled roof, or generalized as a pitched roof, comes in numerous styles like a cross gale, gable, and hipped each of which is inclined or sloped to different degrees. On the other side, the flat roofs contain no slope and can be seen in varieties like single ply, built up, and in the sprayed polyurethane foam designs. But usually, people get confused while choosing the right kind of roof for them. Here, in this write-up, we have come up with some great benefits of angles roof as well as the flat roof which will are recommended by professional roofing contractor, and this will help you in making the right decision.

Advantages served by flat roofing

As the name itself defines, flat roofing doesn’t possess any kind of slopes and is not inclined to any specific degree or direction. Such roofs are largely seen across houses, sheds and even at some of the commercial spaces. Here are some of the major factors which differentiate flat roofing from angled one, in terms of advantages.

  • Design– the design of flat roofs as recommended by roofing contractors is based completely upon the choice of structure. They are more often seen fitted across smaller structures like extensions and the garages. Flat roofing comes with a horizontal base which is usually fixed up to the ceiling joins underneath by the help of a waterproof membrane that is applied on the top. Another major thing which highlights its design is that flat roofs are created so as to hold the standing water up to some degree. However, a slight angle of just a few degrees can be incorporated to let the rainwater drain away in a hopper.
  • Materials– in traditional times, experienced roofing companies, use to construct the flat roofs from asphalt or 3 plies modified bitumen. It also contained a thin layer of gravel so as to protect the roof from the harsh and harmful effects of sun’s UV rays. However, if you look today and increasingly popular design is the Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, which is a 3mm thick membrane, made of rubber. It can be applied seamlessly in one piece and provides a prolific lifespan of about more than 40 years.
  • Costing- things which provide high quality and fall under your budget, usually attract a lot of your senses. Thus, this is one amazing fact about flat roofing. Roofing Contractor also suggests this as it is a much affordable option that arrives at the point of construction and it involves comparatively fewer materials and labor than what is needed within the angled roof. Even when you want certain changes or replacement in the roof, it can be easily done right within a day without leading to much time and money consumption.

Advantages served by angled (pitched) roofing

  • Loft space- the design of angled roofs is quite smart and advantageous.  Such roofing contains a minimum of two slopes which rise to meet up at peak. They are created in such a way that it provides plenty of usable space within the loft area, either as an additional living space or as a much-required storage area, playroom or study room. While the sloped roof or the angled ones are designed, any planned and prepared usage of this area can be taken under consideration. Thus, the pitched roof provides you with huge flexibility which you will not experience while installing a flat roof.
  • Durability and lifespan– any roofer which installs the angled roof, generally delivers exceptional benefits and qualities. Such roof type is certainly the one which offers a longer lifespan when compared with a flat one. It is eventually made of such materials which are weather resistant and durable as well.  The structure is even useful to the interiors as it provides effective insulation on the inner area as well. You will never have to suffer from the harsh extreme weather outside, which usually afflict the rooms under flat roofs.
  • Natural and aesthetic fitting– while installing the angled roofs, your whole building becomes much effectively blended with the rest of the property in a situation of any extension. Not just this, but it also fits well aesthetically and structurally with the neighboring buildings, that helps you to retain the innate quality of individuality and character. It keeps away the unwanted external harms and keeps the roof secured for a prolonged period.

These were the pros of angled and flat roofs, which make them stand out from the crowd. Whichever roof you choose, depicts great features and qualities. However, nothing can be kept for long without proper maintenance. While the angled roofs turn out more difficult to be cleaned because of the slope, the flat ones need huge maintenance throughout the life of the roof. The drainage part within flat roofs is not as effective as the one found in angled roofs, thus, most of the contractors usually suggest to have a flat roof with at least a little slope.

Both angled as well as the flat roof, comes with certain advantages which can make your whole building beautiful, appealing and strong from the core. However, the right decision is in your hands. With professional roofing company and roofing contractors, now coming up, the task of installing a new roof has become even more easy and comforting. You just have to make the right pick and your work is done! In fact, such service providers are now operating online and geographically available just a call away. So, after knowing the benefits of both the roofs, I am  sure that you will definitely make the right selection.

For more roofer marketing leads contact Roofer Elite today!

Problems Faced By Tesla Inc. – Lack Of Tesla Body Shop/Automotive Shop

Tesla, Inc. (formerly Tesla Motors, Inc.) is a Yankee automotive and Energy Company based mostly in town, California. The corporate focus on automobile producing and, through its SolarCity subsidiary, solar battery producing. It operates multiple production and assembly plants, notably Gigafactory one close to Reno, Nevada, and its main vehicle producing facility at the Tesla plant in explorer, California. As of Gregorian calendar month 2018, Tesla sells the Model S, Model X and Model three vehicles, Powerwall and Powerpack batteries, star panels, star roof tiles, and connected product. Tesla was based on July 2003, by businessmen Martin Eberhard and brandy Tarpenning, below the name Tesla Motors. The company’s name was derived from scientists in Tesla. Tesla was based in Gregorian calendar month 2003, by businessmen Martin Eberhard and brandy Tarpenning, underneath the name Tesla Motors. The company’s name was derived from a man of science electrical engineer. During the initial and rather major funding process of the entire firm, Tesla’s entire cabinet was co-headed by Elon Musk, J. B. Straubel and Ian Wright which allowed them to make free decisions in favour of the company and its stakeholders. Musk, United Nations agency is chairman and chief officer, same that he unreal Tesla Motors as a technology company and freelance auto manufacturer, geared toward eventually providing electrical cars at costs reasonable to the common client. Tesla Motors shortened its name to Tesla in Gregorian calendar month 2017. Currently, Tesla is still headed by Elon Musk, and under his supervision has achieved several milestones through various sales across the country and excellent customer service. Nonetheless, there still are a lot of hurdles in the way of Tesla, and one of them is a clear shortage of enough Tesla body shops and/or automotive shop across the entire country.


Tesla Motors was based by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning on July 1, 2003. In the youth of the corporate, the 2 supported its operations before calling for out of doors funding. Following associate degree early Series A spherical of funding, the company’s board was joined by investors Elon Musk, J. B. Straubel and Ian Wright. A September 2009 proceedings subsiding agreement between Eberhard and Tesla Motors permits all 5 to calls themselves founders. The founders were influenced to begin the corporate once recalled and destroyed its EV1 electrical cars in 2003.


Tesla aims to vary the automotive trade by making several innovative items that work together; this strategy was known as “complex coordination” by Tesla capitalist Peter Thiel. Its promoting, production, sales and technology ways all are notably completely different from its competitors. Tesla’s automotive shop strategy is to emulate typical technological-product life cycles and at first target affluent consumers. It then captive into larger markets at cheaper price points. The battery and electric drivetrain technology for every model would be developed and procured through the sales of earlier models. The Roadster was low-volume and priced at US$109,000. The Model’s S and X were essentially made for the more luxury appreciating sections of the society. Model three is aimed toward a higher-volume section. This business strategy is common within the technology trade. In step with a Musk journal post, “New technology in any field takes a couple of versions to optimize before reaching the mass market, and during this case, it’s competitive with one hundred fifty years and trillions of greenbacks spent on petrol cars.” The entirety of Tesla’s revenue foundation is based on their production facilities (producing cars) and their nation wide outlets of charging dockets or stations. The corporate operates huge factories to capture economies of scale. Tesla builds electrical powertrain parts for vehicles from different automakers, as well as the good ED2 for Two electrical drive (the lowest-priced automobile from applied scientist AG), the Toyota RAV4 eV, and Freightliner’s Custom Chassis Electric Van. Integration is rare within the automotive shop trade, wherever corporations usually source eightieth of parts to suppliers and concentrate on an engine producing and final assembly

Tesla Body Repair Shops  

Body repairs have long been a weakness for Tesla as excessive wait times became too common for house owners. Now the car maker launching its own in-house Body Repair Centres to cut back repair time with the primary nine locations. Some Tesla house owners had been complainant regarding repair time once accidents for an extended time, however, it came back to the forefront of Tesla news last year. It will generally take months for repairs to be completed. Tesla placed the fault on its third-party body retailers and also the body retailer’s area unit expression that its Teslas fault thanks to delays of components. Last year, Tesla affected a number of its coaching programs online and it looked to certify additional instrumentality so as to supply additional choices to retailers. Once the changes, the car maker aforesaid it absolutely was adding three hundred body retailers to its network. Despite those initiatives, Tesla house owners area unit still news some long wait times with third-party body retailers once body damages. Now, Tesla is attempting to handle the difficulty with its own body retailers, which is able to even be annexed to Tesla’s existing service centers, and that they area unit pre-stock some components so as to realize abundant quicker repair time. The first nine locations area unit currently operating consistent with Tesla’s website:

  • Bellevue, Washington
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Eatonville, Florida
  • Houston, Texas
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Marietta, Georgia
  • Owings Mills, Maryland
  • Van Nuys, California
  • Villa Park, Illinois
  • Los Angeles, California

The third-party network remains vital to the car maker. Establishing more automotive shops is currently Tesla’s main target for the years to come.

Windows Incident Response Course

The Windows Incident Response Course is based on the book, but takes it several steps further. The base course is two days in length, and runs the entire spectrum of incident response, from understanding how incidents occur, what they look like, and how to prevent them. The course also presents attendees with the opportunity to walk through incident verification and identification for themselves. All attendees have the opportunity to run the tools used in the course, and learn how to interpret their output.

The course is taught on-site, at your location, and can accommodates approximately 20 attendees. You provide the facilities and catering, while I provide the course materials and instruction. This greatly reduces travel costs while maximizing knowledge transfer. While this course has been taught, attendees have used the information that they’ve learned in order to resolve issues that have come up, returning from lunch with the problem solved.


Forensic Server ProjectThe Forensic Server Project (FSP) is a proof of concept tool for retrieving volatile (and some non-volatile) data from potentially compromised systems. The FSP consists of several Perl scripts and third-party utilities. The server component of the FSP is run on an investigator or administrator’s system, and handles all data storage and activity logging. The client components (i.e., and supporting Perl scripts and tools) of the FSP are burned to a CD, and run from the CD drive of the potentially compromised system. Data is copied to the server component via TCP/IP.

It should be noted that while the FSP is used for incident response and forensic audits of Windows systems, it is also an open source project. The server component is written in Perl, and can be run from other systems that support Perl (with minor modifications). Client components can be written in Perl, or any other scripting language.

The First Responder Utility (FRU)

The First Responder Utility (FRU) is used by a first responder to retrieve volatile data from “victim” systems. The current version of the FRU is a CLI (command line interface) tool called FRUC. The FRUC operates using a combination of an INI file and command line options.

The first step to running the FRUC is to download the archive containing FRUC. Extract all of the files to the same directory, and update the fruc.ini file to suite your needs. To update the ini file, simply follow the format. The ini file should consist of the 4 sections listed in the file, and must contain a “Configuration” section. If the investigator/administrator has a static IP address for the Forensic Server, put it in the file, as well as the port to be used.

The “Commands” section consists of all of the tools that will be run on the system. When entering a tool to be used, follow the format in the ini file. The entry for each command must consist of a number, followed by the equals (=) sign, followed by the command to be run, a semi-colon delimiter, and the name of the file the data will be saved in on the Forensic Server (the filename will be prepended with the name of the system). The command to be run must point to a CLI tool and have all of the command line switches you’d like run.

Tools to be run with the FRUC can be found on the Tools page, as well as various other sites, such as SysInternalsNTSecurity.nuDiamondCS, as well as others.

The “Registry Values” section consists of Registry values to be queried, while the “Registry Keys” section contains Registry keys (such as the ubiquitous Run key) that you want to pull all of the values (not subkeys) from. It is important that you use the right format in these sections. To get a list of Registry values and keys to query, such as startup locations, check sites such as Silent Runners.

NOTE: Be sure to read the ‘readme’ file that comes with the archive. 

Once you have an INI file set up and all of the tools collected, you can burn fruc.ini, p2x584.dll, the INI file and tools to a CD, or USB-connected thumb drive. If you put the files on a CD, you can include a “clean” copy of cmd.exe and an autorun.inf file, or a batch file to launch the FRUC, if you so choose.

Using the FSP

The current version of the FSP is the FSPC, the command line (CLI) version of the Forensic Server Project. In order to use the FSPC, the first thing you need to do is download the FSPC zipped archive, and extract all of the files to the same directory. Type “fspc -h” to view the syntax for launching the FSPC.

The FSPC is the CLI version of the FSP, and handles the case management and storage of data when collecting data from “victim” systems. The FSPC, when launched, listens on a port for connections. When one of the FSP client components (ie, FRUC) connects to send data, the FSPC stores the data sent in files on the server system, generates hashes of the files, and maintains a logfile of all activities taken by the client component.

The simplest way to launch FSPC is with the following command:

C:\fsp\fspc -n newcase -i “Det. Joe Friday” -c

The above command will launch the FSPC on port 7070 (ie, default). The name of the case is “newcase”, and a directory of that name will be created as a subdirectory within the case directory (ie, default is “cases”). The name of the investigator (‘-i’ switch) will be placed in the logfile (use ‘-l’ switch; default is “case.log”). As the FSPC receives data from the client component, it will automatically store the data on the server system, and compute hashes for each file as they are created. If a client component is used to copy files from the victim system to the Forensic Server, the server will automatically verify the hashes of the files. The client components send items to be logged to the server, and these items are placed in the logfile. The last command that the client sends to the server is the “CLOSELOG” command, at which point the logfile is closed and hashes are computed for the logfile. If the ‘-c’ switch is used, the server component will automatically shut down when the CLOSELOG command is sent. Otherwise, the server will remain open and the investigator must type “Control-C” to shut the server down.

NOTE: Be sure to read the ‘readme’ file that comes with the archive distribution. 


This page is for listing tools described and used in my book.

FCIV – Microsoft released an interesting file integrity tool. The tool can compute and verify file hashes, using an XML database.

Pref – Prefetch directory tool mentioned in my blog. This tool parses the contents of the Prefetch directory and gets MAC times for all of the files. Make sure to read the readme file in the archive.

Pref_ver – Prefetch directory tool mentioned in my blog. This tool parses the contents of the layout.ini file and looks for executable files, based on file extension (.exe, .dll, .sys). When it finds one, it attempts to retrieve file version information from the file. Make sure to read the readme file in the archive.

Tools associated with the book. The archive includes bho.exe to view Browser Helper Objects (hiding place of spyware) on the local system, keytime.exe to view LastWrite time of Registry keys, ver.exe to retrieve version information from executable files, sigs.exe for performing file signature analysis (output in .csv format) and windata.exe for retrieving operating system, service, and process information from local or remote systems (output in .dat/.csv files in the local directory).

Drive Info tool – associated with the book. Displays drive information from local and remote systems.

DiamondCS is the site to go to in order to get OpenPorts and CmdLine.

See this MS KB article for a tool called “chknic.exe”, which is part of the Windows 2003 Resource Kit. The tool gets information about NICs and runs on XP and 2003.

Go to the NTSecurity site for PEriscope, PMDump, PromiscDetect, PStoreView, and others.

Check out SysInternals for PSTools, Handle, ListDLLs, AccessEnum, AutoRuns, LogonSessions, etc.

Spyware and Adware Tools
Adware and in particular spyware is a huge problem on systems today. This problem affects corporate systems as well as home users. In fact, this has been so much of a problem that CERT has even recommended that a browser other than IE be used. Below are some links to tools that are highly effective in helping protect you from spyware:

The first step is to install and update anti-virus software. Keep it up to date.

PestPatrol is an excellent commercial product to help protect you from spyware infections, as well as from other malware infections. Does this protect you from some of the same things that your anti-virus software protects you against? Yes…but that’s a good thing. PestPatrol comes in corporate and home user flavors. As with other tools, keeping your definitions up to date is key. I recently ran a fully registered version of PestPatrol on a friend’s computer and detected 75 bad things. After removing them and rebooting the system, I updated PP and ran it again…only to find 65 more bad things!

SpyBot Search and Destroy is an excellent donation-ware tool for detecting and removing spyware from your system. If you download it and try it, be sure that you keep it up to date.

AdAware is an old standby when it comes to removing spyware. When I say “old”, what I mean is that it’s the product I’m most familiar with, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not extremely effective.

SpyWare Blaster lets you be a bit more proactive by not allowing spyware to install in the first place.

There are other tools available, that you’ll hear about from friends or read about in trade journals. Spyware is a huge problem so there are always more and more tools to protect against, as well as detect and remove, this annoying software. Whatever you decide to use, my primary recommendations are to use more than one tool, and keep your tools updated.

Advantages of pneumatic cylinders

In this article I would like to discuss advantages of pneumatic cylinders in comparison to other alternatives. Please be aware that this is only theoretical discussion because in real world nobody is forced to make such decisions based only on their sole choice. Usually in real life applications you are presented some solution and when picking actuator you need to adapt to whatever system exists already – whether it is electrical system, hydraulic system, or any other. Alternatives I will take into account in my little analysis are of course most popular ones – electrical cylinders and hydraulic actuators. I’m not considering any other alternatives to both of them because I have no knowledge of any, which simply means that if they do exists, they are probably extremely rare.

But before we proceed further, I would like to clarify what piece of engineering equipment we’re going to discuss. Cylinder is a product consisting of three basic elements – tube, rod and piston. Piston moves inside some kind of a tube, which is tightly closed, rod is connected to piston and it extends outside. Whenever piston moves inside the tube the rod extends and retracts accordingly. This kind of two directional, linear motion is common to all kinds of cylinders. Differences between them are either in their design, or force that powers them (which is the subject of this article). That said we can continue our main thought.

Pneumatic cylinders are, as the name suggests, powered by air, or exactly compressed air. Air (and most of other inert gases) are easily compressed, and can be compressed to amazing levels. Compressed air can be transported, and used to power various elements including pneumatic cylinders. In case of pneumatic cylinders compressed air flows into a chamber on one side of the piston, and therefore piston moves pushing the piston rod.

Method of return is similar, but can be caused by air stream on other side or (very popular solution) spring.

Hydraulic cylinders are based on very similar mechanism, but in this particular case oil or other fluid is used as a power source. Hydraulic cylinders compared to pneumatic ones can achieve much larger forces, but its the case for hydraulics in general. Since hydraulic cylinders are using oils (often flammable or mineral oils) they do tend to react with various kinds of seals, thus sooner or later are prone to leakages.

Electric cylinders on the other side are based on slightly different rule. Electric cylinders consist of a ball and a roller screw connected to electric motor. While turning screw moves a nut connected to rod or carriage, which is moving the load. Great advantage of pneumatic cylinders are ability for precise control over speed and position of the rod. In modern electric cylinders it is possible to achieve positioning precision up to ten thousandths of an mm.

Again in case of pneumatic actuators output forces are definitely smaller when compared to hydraulic alternatives, but are similar to electric ones. One great advantage of pneumatic compared to electric is that when there is power cut pneumatic cylinders can still work, since pressure is usually stored in pressure tanks. Another interesting thing about pneumatic cylinders is that speed and force can be controlled independently, which is very important factor. Force can be controlled by pressure which can be raised or lowered using pressure regulator, and speed can be controlled by flow control valve.
Now electric ones are more flexible and accurate, you can precisely decide how far to extend the rod which in general can increase efficiency of your system. Pneumatic cylinder cannot be stopped easily precisely at any position, you could achieve similar effect by using piston position sensor and additional valve, but its never going to be as accurate as electric ones. Pneumatic actuators, and in general pneumatic system are on the other hand very inexpensive even in long term.

To sum up pneumatic solutions are great whenever you are looking for some inexpensive choice, which doesn’t have to be extremely accurate, but have thrust and speed. Whenever you need total control over piston rod, or are using some advanced application where cylinder have to perform unusual tasks go for electric. But when you need enormous forces on your side consider hydraulic solutions. In general its worth to remember that each solution have its advantages and disadvantages and you should not make your choice without consulting the expert.